Right Place, Right Time: Investment Strategies


For many people, simply being in the right place at the right time has been enough to transform their fortunes overnight. And in this article, we will explore that theory, while also uncovering some of the ways that people have been lucky with where they have put their money.

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Right place, right time, right bet

Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand or fool-proof formula that transforms a person from rags to riches – although there’s no shortage of ‘get rich quick’ schemes professing to guarantee you a massive income. Don’t believe the hype.

In fact, getting rich quick generally involves no shortage of luck and relies on you basically making the right bets at the right time with the right people. One traditional example of this is investing in a start-up business that you think will make it big some day.

Faith in start-ups

Imagine if you could go back in time and invest £1,000 in Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg first launched the platform? Chances are that stock would now be worth millions, but of course it’s extremely difficult to predict which businesses are going to make it big and which are going to fold within the first five years of operation.

Those who invested in Facebook during its early days could likely never have imagined the extent of the company’s success, and it could almost be compared to purchasing a lottery ticket. They say that you have to be ‘in it to win it’, and that expression certainly applies to investing early in start-ups.

New technologies

Staying ahead of the curve and looking to the next big thing in tech is also a wise strategy. With recent developments in VR, AR and AI techs, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of businesses and industries are making the move toward virtual reality.

Investing in this industry ten years ago would have resulted in massive yields as sectors from retail, to music, to iGaming, have all now adopted VR as “the next big thing”. It has had a massive effect in the gaming world, in particular with online casino games. If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, you can try your luck at a number of popular sites, available for comparison at BonusFinder. 

Property investment

If you’re fortunate enough to have made the right bet at the right time, whether that’s in business or at the casino, then chances are you’ll be looking for ways to increase it.

One traditional industry for investment has been in property, with the practice of buying, building and then selling houses a tried and tested exercise. However, this method isn’t without risk, and rising and falling property prices can make the market volatile.

For example, the Spanish property crashes of the last 20 years have left many people out of pocket, having made big investments. But despite those issues, property investment – including buying houses to rent out to tenants – remains a favored option, with snapping up property at precisely the right time an art to be perfected.

Source: Pexels

We hope these examples of being in the right at the right time have helped provide a little inspiration. There’s no such thing as a fool-proof get-rich-quick scheme, regardless of what you might read elsewhere on the internet. But if you have a little luck and timing on your side, anything is possible.