Here’s the Top 3 Free Article Spinner online tool for content writing


Article rewriting or also referred to as Rephrasing is the act of substitution words with their closest synonyms and making specific changes to the sentence structure while reserving the overall meaning.

Article rewriting has become the profession of several people, particularly with the development in the IT sector and easy access to the internet. 

Previously, writers had to carry out the complete rephrasing process by themselves. They had to think of the closest related synonyms and make alterations to the structure of the sentence wherever required. It was a tough task because of the lack of synonyms knowledge and sometimes of the English Language itself.

The solution came afterward in the form of Article Rewriter tools or Article Spinners. 

Article Rewriters 

Article rewriter tools are on a constant popularity rise. They make the whole rephrasing process a lot easier. It works by replacing the words by their synonyms; the database of this software contains thousands of closely relating synonyms. Furthermore, the more advanced and developed tool also provides a grammar check to ensure that the conversion complies with all the rules of the English Language.

Article Rewriters have made the life of a writer a lot easier. Its easy availability and usage pose an enormous benefit. You don’t have to perform some complex computing programs. The tool requires an input query to be made, which is then scanned and analyzed. After thorough scanning, the necessary changes are made in the file, and a new unique article is generated.

What are the Benefits of using Article Rewriters?

Article rewriters have several benefits,

Previously, the rewriting task involved the writer manually making the changes and substituting words along with making changes to the structure. However, with the introduction of the engine, all it requires is the data to be entered into it. It consequently saves a lot of time that could be used elsewhere. Time-saving is one of the key benefits and a central motive behind the massive increase in popularity.

Since Article Rewriter tools are time-saving, they hence increase the productivity of the user. The writer can now write more than a few articles each day. It can compose a lot more work than it could when all the work had to be done manually.

Plagiarism is a constant worry for all the writers. The complex nature of it and its ability to arise even if you copy your previously published work is stress-full. Using Article Rewriter tools, you can quickly get around the situation. The addition in synonyms and the changes in the word structure make it difficult for any search engine to find the plagiarized text from it.

The increased productivity and the ability of a writer to produce several articles each day also maximize its generated revenue. Writers are given the ability to earn far more money because of these engines.

Best Article Spinner Tool

The internet is filled with websites that have proposed their tool for the task. However, it is mindless to say that all of these rates equally in performance. It is because not all the tools might have the efficiency and reliability level that you require.

So we have compiled a list of top 3 Article Rewriters that you can use effectively for your benefit:-


PrePostSEO has developed 95+ tools for people’s benefit. Its article rewriter is established to support writers in composing plagiarism-free content.

Its advanced algorithm gives the tool a massive benefit. It can thoroughly scan the uploaded content, and then after detailed analyses, it makes necessary changes to deliver a new figure of provided content while saving its meaning. Their synonyms replace the words; however, the tool ensures that the newly added words match the context of the paragraph.

The tool is free to use, and it also doesn’t require registration. The file can be uploaded into by through your drive in different formats. You can also copy-paste the content into it to get it converted. The PrePostSEO Article rewriter tool also eliminates plagiarism to a great extent. 

Producing an authentic article using the tool is a 3 step process. You have to add the file as an input query. It then scans it and makes the changes before displaying the final results. The final results can be viewed by users and further changes made if necessary.


ArticleReword is an intellectual Article rewriter software; it can rephrase your content with matching synonyms. The tool is online and free, and the person has to access the website and use it.

Several individuals use ArticleReword rephrasing tool. It has a brilliant algorithm that is capable of making the necessary changes to the text and generating a new, utterly authentic document within minutes.

Using the tool is a straightforward task. It requires the person to enter the text into it by copying it from the source and then pasting it in the search engine. It also ensures that the changes made don’t disturb the context of the words.

ArticleReword is an exceptional choice for people looking for a Rewriter tool that is both simple to use and free.


There are numerous tools available online, which makes it quite difficult for the user with adequate knowledge to select the best one. The ParaphrasingTool offers an article rewriter that excels in all the aspects that might be demanded of it.

Rewriting is a difficult task, and with the wrong tool, you can never achieve the desired results. The tool offered by the site is one of the most resourceful available. It’s is highly capable of delivering high-quality results that would exceed your expectations.

It uses the latest matrixes to convert the article. A synonym is used in place of several words. It also confirms that the overall sense of the content is not disturbed, and it remains what the user initially intended it to be. 

You can also use the tool for a grammar check in your final document after you have successfully converted it. The software will efficiently create a new article while removing any chances of plagiarism checker detecting it.