Protect and Unlock PDF: PDFBear Features For Your Electronic Files Security


Both established and startup companies have different files that contain important information. Hence, these files are considered to be valuable and assets in the company. Due to technological advancement, gone are the days of dealing with stacks of folders and documents on the table. Everything is now digital. 

Because of this, file protection is very important to avoid any unauthorized access from these confidential electronic documents. Nothing to worry because the PDFBear online system is now available in the market. You’ll have an assurance that all of the confidential electronic files of your company will be safe and secure.  

PDFBear is a website that will allow you to use its different tools online that deal with file security. It has Protect PDF and Unlock PDF features that will surely help you with your electronic file management needs. To know more about these features of PDFBear, read the details below to learn how these features work for your electronic files. 

Unlock PDF

You might have already set up a password for some of your confidential files. It’s necessary because you want to protect them from any access without your permission. However, forgetting the password of these files will surely give you a headache. There’s nothing to worry about because PDFBear has a particular tool online to resolve this problem.

Unlock PDF is a useful tool of PDFBear online that will let you remove the existing encryption of the files. When the password removal is successful, you can then reaccess the files and use them on your tasks. After that, you can set up another password again on the same electronic files. Make sure to set up one that you can easily remember to avoid the same problem in the future. 

Protect PDF

Protect PDF is an online tool of PDFBear that will provide your files with protection from any unauthorized access. If you’ve unintentionally shared a particular confidential file with other devices, there’s nothing to worry about because they can’t open a file without the password that you’ve set up. 

Moreover, setting up a password is easy and simple. You only have to upload your files on the Protect tool of PDFBear online. After that, the system will ask you to provide a password, so you need to create a personalized one. Then, the online tool will process the encryption and save the password you entered. When it’s done, you can download the encrypted files on your computer hard drive or smartphone. 

Reliable and Safe

There are many file management platforms online, but not all of them are reliable and safe. However, PDFBear uses a smart system that many people trust for many years because of its convenience and security at the same time. When you use the Unlock PDF and Protect PDF tools online, the system doesn’t require you to use any third-party software or apps.

As long as you’re using a reliable internet and your device is in functional working condition, you’ll always have access to PDFBear online. Hence, you can use its online tools for your electronic files anytime and anywhere. 

Moreover, when you upload your files on its online system to process unlocking files or setting up a password, the PDFBear system will delete all your uploaded files for security purposes. Hence, you’ll feel confident that your files are safe and secure when using PDFBear. 


If you’re dealing with a lot of PDF files every day as part of your job in the company you’re working for, you should need a particular file management platform online that’s both secure and reliable. PDFBear is a smart system giving you access to its online tools for your electronic files, including PDF Unlock and PDF Protect. These are essential online tools that will surely help you manage the company’s electronic files in a stress-free way.