How To Find The Correct Auto Parts for Your GM C/K

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The Chevy and GMC C/K series trucks were popular trucks for their entire production run between 1959 and 2002. Although they have been replaced by the Sierra and Silverado, the C/K series trucks continue to be loved by its owners. Many people want to keep their running for as long as possible. With a few GM C/K auto parts and a little effort, this can be achieved.

Where Can You Find Parts for GM C/K

When you need to find parts for a C/K, you may have trouble going directly through General Motors. It has been about two decades since this truck was last on sale in North America. So, it can be hard to find what you need. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get OEM and aftermarket parts.

One of the easiest options is to search on the website of a popular auto parts brand such as AutoZone. If you go online, you can filter parts results based on the year, make, model and engine option of your vehicle. So, all you need to know is which year and engine you have of the C/K to find parts that fit.

This can also help with finding DIY information. For example, you can find the GM-C/K series wiring schematic for your year of truck.

If you are unsure which C/K you have, try using a VIN lookup tool. This can help you find parts with nothing more than your VIN.

Is AC Delco Original GM parts?

AC Delco is an auto parts brand owned by General Motors. They produce a lot of the original equipment for GM vehicles. However, they also make aftermarket parts for GM and non-GM vehicles. So, just because something is made by AC Delco does not mean it is the OEM part.

The best way to figure out which OEM parts to buy for your C/K is by using the service documentation produced by GM. Chevy and GMC dealers may be able to provide parts in some cases. However, many parts on older C/K series trucks are long out of production.

Furthermore, it may be best to use modern, aftermarket parts. In a lot of cases, you can get better performance at a lower price with new aftermarket parts. If you are dead set on using OEM, you can also buy used parts from totaled C/K trucks.

What Brand Is OEM for Chevy?

Typically, they are made by AC Delco, as mentioned above. In many cases, the OEM parts are branded as Chevy or GMC. However, AC Delco branded parts may be exact copies of the parts that originally came in the truck, just with different branding. If you are unsure which are the right parts, you can always use a part filter on a website such as AutoZone.

Work On Your GM C/K Series Trucks

Working on your GM C/K will help you to keep it on the road for longer. Get started by learning to change the oil. Then, you can graduate to harder jobs such as learning the answer to how do you know if you have a bad mass air flow sensor? You may be surprised by how much you can achieve.