Things to explore in Kingston, Jamaica


Kingston is an expanding metropolis and gets enveloped by coastlines in the south and mountains towards the north. It is home to Jamaica’s 2.7 million residents and is a popular tourist destination for 2021. Like any prominent city, Kingston has areas that need to get avoided and the other regions worth a visit. The city’s harsh ambiance acts as an inspiration to the writers, artists, musicians, and athletes.

There are several places to visit in Kingston! You can read more about adventures in Jamaica and plan your visit. Here are some of the best tourist sites to explore:

  1. The Bob Marley Museum

Jamaicans are known for their reggae music, and this genre has been made famous by Bob Marley. He is worshipped as a cultural hero and is still considered one of the most influential persons in Jamaica. This museum is situated close to his old residence. The artist’s family owns it, and the museum exhibits his life from the start to worldwide fame. You can also see his contribution to society and music. According to many Jamaicans, Bob Marley is a national hero who brought the land to the world stage.

  • Devon House

The Devon House got constructed back in 1881 and is Kington’s prominent ancient heritage site. It is also a famous landmark. It represents Jamaica’s cultural diversity along with its Georgian Jamaican structure. It is reminiscent of the plantation residences that got created by the British colonists when the slave trade was at a peak. The house showcases 19th century furniture and recreates an old-world charm. You can opt-in to explore the home and the property. Here you will get to know Devon House’s history and all that it stands for the Jamaicans. And on the estate ground, there are several shops, cafes, and restaurants.

  • Lime Cay

Jamaica gets encompassed by a few of the bluest and warmest Caribbean waters. However, the Jamaicans don’t visit the beach as much as the people in the Caribbean Islands. It’s usually during the weekends that you will find an average Jamaican visiting the beach. It means taking the ferry or the canoe to Lime Cay situated right off the mainland near the Norman Manley International Airport. The hired boats take the tourists to and from Y-Knot or the Morgan’s Harbor. It is smart to take your water, supplies, and food as you will find no vendor on the cay. The cay is known for its serene water and white sand beach and is perfect for taking a break from the city.

  • National Gallery of Jamaica

The National Gallery of Jamaica is the oldest and the most prominent art gallery in the English-speaking Caribbean. It started way back in 1974 and showcases contemporary, early, and new-age art forms in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and other nearby regions. Here you have five galleries that showcase the Pre-Colombian art created by the indigenous communities of the island. You will also find exhibits by famous artists like Mallica ‘Kapo’ Reynolds and Edna Manley. There are many exhibitions taking place in the gallery annually.

  • Bar hopping

Jamaica is popularly called the rum capital of the world. Also, Kingston is the best place for people to explore the bar scene. Here you can get to know the locals and gather information on the city’s best happening places. Here are some of the seasonal parties that you can attend with your family and friends.

  • Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill is a popular estate and hotel and is on the Blue Mountain Range. The primary house and the encompassing cottages are much like traditional Jamaican homes with antique wooden furnishings. It acts as a great mountain escape for tourists who think they don’t need to sacrifice lavishness for the wilderness. In addition to its lavish accommodations, the property is well known for its incredible spa, which you can experience on your visit. The spa offers a wide range of services, but the best option is to opt-in for the massages. You can choose the popular coconut hydro-scrub massage, which is complete relaxation for the mind and body.

  • Hike on the Blue Mountains

You will find the Blue Mountains looming atop the northern section of Kingston, which shades the area from the scorching Caribbean sun. Also, the Blue Mountain National Park acts as an excellent escape for travelers who want to enjoy Jamaica’s natural beauty and wilderness. If you’re going to hike to the peak, it can take anything between four and eight hours based on where you start and your entire hiking experience. On a clear day, you can see the south coast of Cuba right from the top. And if you want a less challenging option, visit the Hollywell National Park and arrange an outdoor picnic.

These are some of the best things to do in Kingston. It is essential that you gather ample information about it all and then head for your city exploration.