Why Doctors Recommend Slides


Not many people realize that slide sandals actually have some big benefits aside from their affordability and style. Slide sandals are actually a favorite shoe for doctors and physical therapists due to the health benefits that they help promote. 

There is an important distinction between slide and flip flops though. While they’re both sandals, slides have a thicker sole and only one strap that goes over the wearer’s foot. They’re usually made from thick rubber, leather or cork. They can come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the most common are basic, like black or green slides

Flip flops, on the other hand, are rather flimsy shoes with a strap that connects between the wearer’s toes. Like slides, flip flops can also be made from both rubber and leather, but are most commonly made from a plastic-like material. 

doctor holding red stethoscope

These differences, as well as a few others, have actually proven that flip flops and other similar sandals have some negative effects on foot health. Thankfully for people who love wearing sandals, slides are the opposite, and can be great for your feet!

Some slides are better than others when it comes to promoting good foot health. In fact, there are even several brands that are dedicated to helping relieve foot pain. Here are some of the main reasons podiatrists and other medical personnel recommend wearing slide shoes: 

  • Arch Support: All of the different materials used to make slides are very sturdy and can provide lots of support. Wearing thinner shoes makes your foot muscles work harder, which puts more strain on them and can cause problems later on.

Some materials and brands provide better support than others. Cork is an especially great slide material if you’re looking for more support. After a few wears, the cork begins to form to your foot, which adds cushion and provides more support for the muscles.   

  • Injury Prevention: Since the materials of slides are so forgiving on the feet, it’s no wonder they can also help with injury prevention. Many times, even if a person has a preexisting injury or condition, like plantar fasciitis, wearing slides can either reduce the pain, or in some cases, help get rid of the issue altogether.

A common way to prevent injury or alleviate pain from a current one, is by wearing slides all the time. This mainly means inside your house when you’re normally barefoot. Physical therapists and podiatrists usually recommend this remedy for patients who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. By constantly having slides on, you’re giving your feet extra support,which helps reduce inflammation, providing relief to the affected muscles and tendons. 

  • All around comfort:  Regardless if you’re an athlete or not, slides provide a high level of comfort that most other shoes just can’t match. They’re great for walking around and an awesome choice for traveling. 

Because of these reasons, it’s no secret that doctors love recommending people to wear slide sandals. These shoes are perfect for helping aleve pain, heal injuries, and can aid in injury prevention as well. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist, as they can answer any and all questions you may have about your feet.