4 Tips for Future Proofing Your Home

House Moving

Whether you’re building your own home, or doing renovations to your current property, thinking long term can save you a lot of time and effort down the line. There are certain things you might want to incorporate in your plans to ensure that your home is as comfortable for you, and your loved ones, as you age. Simple things like adding in a stairlift, or considering a ramp instead of stairs can make a big difference to how accessible your home is. If you’re wanting to think of the future, keep reading for 4 tips for future proofing your home.

1. Stairlifts
If you’re in the building and design stage of your forever home, it may be worth considering whether you can choose a one floor design so that your home will suit you no matter your life stage. But if you’re already in your home, and it has multiple floors, then an easy fix to make it comfortable and accessible is a stairlift. Age UK Mobility have a number of wonderful options designed to meet most budgets, allowing you to regain access to your home. This can also be a great solution if you have someone living with you, such as an older family member or someone with some physical limitations, as it can make the home more comfortable for them.

2. Guest Room
If you’re wanting to stay in your own home as long as possible, then it may be worthwhile thinking about whether you’d like some extra space for a family member or close friend to stay to help care for you. Perhaps you already have the extra room, but if not it may be worth considering ways to make this possible. Maybe down the line you could turn your office into a modest guest room, or maybe you’d need to add on an extra room to make this a reality, but it’s good to think about now, long before it’s needed.

3. Ramp Access

Stairs can be tricky, but it’s generally not worthwhile installing a stairlift on a smaller stair area such as a front access way. For that reason, you may find it better to install a ramp access into the home. This reduces the risk of potentially suffering a fall, or access limitations if you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, or a walker. Ramp access can also be a lovely feature if you have younger family members coming to visit with prams.

4. Don’t Go Too Big
If you’re looking to build or buy a new home, it may be wise to stick with a modest size. While it can be lovely having a large home, it can be a lot more work for upkeep which can be more challenging as you age. For that reason, I suggest thinking about what size home will work for you in ten or twenty years, and making sure you don’t choose something too excessive. If you would prefer a larger property, it may be worthwhile considering whether you would have the budget to bring in cleaning services to help you maintain it as you age.

Thinking ahead to your changing needs can be a smart way to ensure you’re not having to relocate later, unless that’s something you’d like to do. For me personally, I like the idea of spending my later years somewhere I’m settled and around people I already know. Hopefully these tips help you future proof your home.