8 Red Flags to Watch for When Dating


It’s tricky to navigate the hectic world that is dating. How can you ever be sure that you aren’t wasting your time with someone? We definitely get it, and that’s why we’re here to help you by offering a list of 8 red flags to watch for when dating.

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Rude Behavior

Is the person you’re dating rude to restaurant workers when you go out for dinner? Perhaps they’re charming with you but pay little to no care about being friendly or polite to others. If you notice this, then this is a definite red flag.

Hogs the Conversation

If you find it hard to get a word in edgewise when you’re hanging out with the person you’re dating, then it’s a pretty big red flag. This suggests that they’re conceited, or they have no interest in learning about you.

Love Bombing

While it’s flattering to receive gifts and compliments from the person you’re dating, you want to watch out for something known as love bombing. This is what happens when someone moves too quickly in the relationship, and it typically involves showering you with constant gifts and affection. Love bombing is a sign of narcissism, and that’s certainly a person you want to avoid dating.

Speaks About Their Ex

If the person you’re dating always finds ways to bring their ex into the conversation, this should ring alarm bells for you. It suggests that they haven’t fully moved on from their ex, which means that they’re likely using you as a rebound with no real intention of being in a relationship with you.

Controlling Behavior

Toxic partners thrive off of getting control of the person they’re dating. If you notice any controlling behavior, like telling you what to wear, whom you can see, and where you can go, take this as a warning sign and run the other way.

Constant Ghosting

Nobody likes to be ghosted, but oftentimes people excuse this behavior in others. However, if you’re looking for a real relationship, you should take this as a sign that the person you’re dating doesn’t know what they want yet. It’s time to move on to someone who is ready.

Back and Forth Behavior

Inconsistency shouldn’t ever be expected in a relationship. If you notice that the person you’re dating is always back and forth with their behavior, this shows you that they can’t be relied on. You deserve to date a person who is consistent and you can count on. If you’re confused, take this as a glaring red flag.

Never to Blame

Is the person you’re dating always pointing out the faults in others and refusing to ever take accountability for any wrongdoings in their life? If so, it’s time to call it quits. A person who lacks accountability isn’t emotionally mature or intelligent enough to be in a healthy, committed relationship.