What Are The 3 Most Common Areas of Law?


The path to becoming a lawyer is a very tedious and time-consuming task. However, with enough time and effort, many can pass the Bar exam and get their law license.

If you are considering going down this path and becoming a lawyer, then you’ll want to know about the different areas a lawyer can specialize in their practice. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most common and best areas of law to practice in. 

Insurance Law

Insurance is a contract between two parties where one party pays a premium to the other party for guaranteed compensation in the case of an injury, damage, theft, or loss. Insurance law covers all cases regarding insurance policies and claims.

There are three main categories of insurance law. The first type of insurance law is where an insurance company will hire lawyers to represent the insured person. This could happen due to the insured getting sued for something they may have done relating to their insurance policy. 

The second type relates to lawyers being hired to represent people with a claim against their insurance company. The last category is insurance lawyers that are hired by insurance companies to ensure they are staying compliant with all laws.

To learn more about what insurance lawyers do, we recommend reading this reputable insurance lawyer’s website. 

Real Estate Law

Real estate law deals with land ownership and the laws controlling it. Real estate law allows for land to be purchased, sold, rented, leased, among other types of transactions. Lawyers in this field are expected to be well-versed in how land titles are sold and transferred. Here’s a list of the best law firms in the U.S for real estate law.

Real estate lawyers also provide legal support during the process in which agreements and contracts are made, as they can evaluate the land title, expectations, and understand previous insurance policies.

Lawyers in this field are also expected to be knowledgeable in sales and acquisitions, in which they represent the buyers and sellers to assist them with the sale or acquisition of land. In addition to this, lawyers can help negotiate the terms of lease agreements.

Family Law

Family law focuses on the domestic issues that occur in various households across the country. It applies to marriage, adoption, divorce, domestic partnerships, civil unions, and other forms of relationships. Common examples of family law are marriage and divorce

Typically, a family lawyer will either specialize in marriage and divorce, or in matters such as adoption, paternity, and emancipation. Not every issue is taken to court in family law, as a lot of times the two sides can reach an agreement outside of the courtroom using their lawyers.


To summarize, the three most common areas of law are insurance law, real estate law, and family law. All three of these areas of law require an immense amount of time and effort to acquire the skills necessary to practice law in them.