A Guide to Designing your Office

A guide to designing your office

For any work-oriented person, the office is a highly important and sacred place. Given the number of hours you’re bound to spend there, your office space must be optimally designed. Not only should the design be space-efficient, but it should also allow you to be productive. In case you’re wondering how that could be achieved, do not worry! We’ve got you. Here is a quick guide to designing your office to provide the best of aesthetics and comfort.

Plan Before You Leap

Designing a room for yourself can be an enthralling task. Amid this excitement, you may make decisions on a whim, purchase items in the heat of the moment and decide things at the spot. All of that may not always work in your favor, which is why it is essential to plan beforehand.

Before you go on to make purchases, you need to sit down and plan what you want. Make a rough image of how you want your office to look like in your mind. List down the things you think you’ll need. And most importantly, consider all your options before you make a final decision.

The Right Furniture

One of the most crucial elements in any room is its furniture. When it comes to offices, furniture is all the more important. Not only should it be optimized to provide the best of ergonomics, but it also maintains a professional outlook. For this purpose, it is imperative to consider your options before you pick any furniture.

When it comes to furniture, two items should be dealt with carefully. The first is chairs that must be comfortable and supportive; go with ones that provide a sturdy armrest as well as an upright backrest. The second is desks that need to be compatible with long hours of work. They should be of the right height, and also feature a professional look that goes with the rest of your interior.


It is another aspect that needs to be taken good care of. The lighting in your office not only has an impact on how a visitor perceives it but also plays a significant role in your own efficiency and productivity at work.

Rule of thumb is that at any given time, the lighting in your office should be as good as proper daylight. A dull room makes it hard for you to concentrate at work, and also affects the alertness of your brain. So, you might find it harder to focus and accomplish a task in dim lights. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that space is sufficiently lit with beams of cool colors that keep the brain attentive.

Place Your Supplies Smartly

When you are designing your office, you need to remember that there are a lot of smaller details that need your attention as well. You can stock your office with an excessive number of supplies. But you will never be at ease unless these supplies are placed smartly.

When you are in a working flow, you need to stay where you are and keep working from there to maintain your flow. Having to get up for supplies will simply distract your flow and decrease your efficiency. Thus, it is necessary to place your supplies in a position where they can be easily accessed from your working spot. So the next time you run out of sticky notes, you won’t have to get out of your working zone to get some more.

Don’t Forget Some Plants

Adding plants in an office space is not a new concept. Nevertheless, a lot of people don’t understand the impact that it can have, which is why not enough plants are placed in workspaces. And that is a mistake that you should definitely avoid.

Placing a plant in your office adds an element of nature to your confined space. It also plays a key role in helping you fight distressing situations. Isn’t that convenient?

Above all, we know that plants also wonderfully clean the air in your surroundings. Adding plants to your office doesn’t imply that you grow a garden there, just a couple of low maintenance office plants will do the trick for you.

Personalize Your Space

We’ve all heard about how we should keep our personal lives separate from our work lives. That may be true; however, it is also true that you need to connect with your workspace to be able to deliver your best. Working in an alienated space will never bring out the best of your proficiency.

Personalizing your space doesn’t necessarily mean adding a lot of personal items to the place. All you need to do is add a few things that you feel may define your personality. And those could be anything, from your favorite colored sticky notes to your family’s picture, or even just a showpiece. But there should always be a few items that make you feel like the place is your own.


If you are having the task of designing your own office, be aware that it is a responsible job. However, it is also incredibly exciting. Be mindful of the points mentioned above and choose what your gut tells you. The final look of your office should not be what you see in magazines; instead, it should reflect your own personality. Always ensure that you have thought enough and planned everything out before springing into any action.