Most Common Wrestling Injuries


There are many injuries in wrestling. And the knee and shoulder injuries are different from any other injuries they occur with more severity. These injuries are most responsible for the most lost time, surgeries and treatments. The following are the most common injuries in wrestling.

Shoulder Dislocations

Impact with the mat, restrictive holds, and twists of the arms and torso all may cause dislocation of the shoulder to occur during wrestling. Shoulders may sublux (the humeral head is partially removed from the shoulder socket) or dislocate (the humeral head is fully removed from the socket.) Connective tendons and ligaments may likewise be damaged or torn in a shoulder dislocation injury.

Knee Ligament Sprains And Tears

Sprains and tears of the ligament of the knee are usually put at risk when the wrestlers bend their bodies into an abnormal position. Anterior cruciate ligament tears and sprains of the medial collateral ligament are the two common ligament injuries which are experienced by fighters. Check out and play casino games to pass time.

Ankle Sprains

Ankles are easily injured because the fighters keep their feet upright with the ankle stabilizing them and the ankle will get twisted. Moreover, a sprain simply means that there there is damage to the soft tissue around the ankle. There are different degrees of pain which include damage to fewer ligament fibers, extensive damage to the ligament, and complete rupture of the ligament with selling and possible joint dislocation.

Prepatellar Bursitis of the Patella

When trauma, gradual wear, or overuse cause the bursa sac in the front of the patella (kneecap) to swell, a condition known as prepatellar bursitis can occur. In addition, the stress of weight-bearing and traumatic impacts on the knees during wrestling activities makes wrestlers especially prone to this form of bursitis, which can cause symptoms of sharp pain and swelling.

In conclusion, these are the common injuries in wrestling.