How can you correct the shape of your misaligned teeth?


A common problem faced by millions of individuals is teeth misalignment. Some individuals do not even consider it a problem and assume it as part of the teeth’ structure. However, this should not be the case. Teeth misalignment is an acute condition that needs rectification. It is also known as malocclusion of teeth. It is a condition when the teeth do not align properly. It may be due to overbite, underbite, and crooked teeth. Besides that, it is also important to fix painful oral issues with this oral surgeon ny to keep your pearly whites in top notch condition.

The causes and effects of misaligned teeth

• Malocclusion is an innate condition. Many people have developed misaligned teeth as a result of hereditary causes. However, apart from the genetic factor, other factors are causing misaligned teeth. It includes accidents leading to job misalignment, bad habits like thumb sucking, cleft lip, abnormal size of teeth, and untimely loss of milk teeth, a pattern of breathing through the mouth, gum diseases, oral tumor, and many search-related causes.

• Incase a person develops misaligned teeth, they have to get in touch with the dentist to get it rectified in no time. The dentist can help you with the process of alignment of the teethto get back your beautiful smile soon.

• The effects of misaligned teeth include difficulty in chewing food, difficulty cleaning the teeth evenly, impacting the overall facial appearance, the problem of a broken tooth, the problem in speaking, etc. If you do not treat the condition,it can get severe over time, making you look unpleasant and leading to severe dental problems.

• There are different types of misalignment, including underbite, overbite, open bite, crossbite, and crowded teeth. These are the significant types of misalignment,as seen in patients over the years.

• Overbite includes the upper jaw, and the teeth overlap on the lower teeth directly touching the gums. An underbite is precisely the opposite condition of overbite. The lower teeth overlap the upper teeth when the jaw is closed.

• In case the upper front teeth neither overlap nor touch the lower front teeth, it gives rise to the bite problem. It creates a gap in the jaw. In case of misalignment with sideways, crossbite develops. Here the lower molars bite the upper molars in the closed condition of the employment.

• A crowdedjaw is when the space inside the mouth falls short, and the newly growing tooth faces an overcrowded situation. The new teeth get crooked and misaligned inside the mouth.

• There are various ways of treating misaligned teeth that include metal braces,Invisalign, dental implants, ceramic braces, etc. Invisalign is popularly known as a clear aligner. These are the most popular methods of rectifying misalignment of teeth.

The medical practitioners use one of the treatments mentioned above to rectify the misaligned teeth effectively. If you face any discrepancy with the overall formation of the teeth, then you may get in touch with your doctor as fast as possible to bring your dentures back to its shape.

These days dental implants are not a complex issue. It is because of using highly advanced technology to correct the aligned teeth. The use of Invisalign is an effective way to restore crooked teeth depending upon your teeth’ structure and size.