Try out restaurants that are top-rated in Singapore for a unique dining experience

Singapore restaurants

It will not be wrong to say that the city-state of Singapore is food-obsessed, as evident from the numerous eateries, restaurants, and pubs that make the island proud. The food scene in Singapore is flourishing, and you will find all kinds of eateries from casual eateries to Michelin star restaurants and anything in between.

Here are four restaurants in Singapore that will surely figure in the list of food lovers who want to discover the best culinary delights of the fantastic city. Here is a chance to immerse me in the vibrant dining scene of Singapore. If you’d like to make your dining experience more exciting at home, why not invest in personalised gin glasses.

Birds of a Feather

The Szechuan culinary concept is known worldwide for its use of flaming spices, which epitomizes in the pepper dish that will be so hot that you could find it hard to close your mouth for some time. The Birds of a Feather restaurant on Amoy Street creates a blend of the Szechuan influence with contemporary western dishes.

The interior décor is a sophisticated conglomeration of high styling and nature amidst which is a cafe and bar serving bespoke cocktails and all-day dining with an array of wine list that keeps evolving every day.


Artemis is a unique destination for foodies who want to enjoy a slice of the Mediterranean in the city-state. Located in the heart of Singapore, the restaurant is truly situated among the clouds while embracing a sprawling 15,000 square feet Sky Forest that provides a spectacular view of the sea and the city’s skyline. The ever-expanding and variable menu of the Artemis bar is ready to flatter the taste buds with delectable Mediterranean delicacies prepared from the freshest seasonal produce. The cultural heritage of the region is captured in the gourmet dishes that nicely blend the international influence in the dishes like the 420-day Grain-fed Wagyu Ribeye and the Sweet Pea Agnolotti with wild garlic, ricotta, and lemon.


The Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse is the one-stop-shop for those who want to indulge in an unparalleled steak experience. The restaurant is in a re-invented shop in Singapore. The architecture is just too inviting for dinner with friends on one of the large tables or a cozy evening in the booths that oversee the open kitchen. The BisteccaallaFiorentina is the signature dish of a chargrilled T-bone steak with a thick cut. The dish is a masterpiece prepared in the traditional Tuscan style that gives it a charred yet tender crust while the center remains juicy.  To complement the dish are the Bistecca side plates, which are just as good. For more information, visit

Basque Kitchen by Aitor

This is another restaurant on Amoy Street that adds to the culinary pride of the city by promising a fresh and original culinary experience. The restaurant offers multi-course menus as well as discovery menus ready to pair with matching wines. Wine connoisseurs will be overwhelmed by the drinks menu that leaves nothing to chance and brings the best of wines from across the globe.

The head chef Aitor’s heart and heritage are entrenched in the offerings that are a unique blend of contemporary culinary and age-old recipes.