Digital Strategies: The Rise of Podcast Content Marketing


Did you know 55 percent of the US population listens to podcasts? This number is much higher than it used to be, proving that podcasts are steadily growing in popularity.

While there’s not much about podcasts themselves that can change because it’s just someone talking about a specific topic, how podcasting is viewed certainly can change. More and more people are seeing the potential to use podcasting for marketing purposes.

It’s rare that you’ll listen to a podcast without hearing an ad. So continue reading if you want to learn more about podcast content marketing.

How Successful Are the Ads?

Content marketing ads on podcasts have proven to be more successful than radio ads and, in some cases, even better than TV ads!

It’s much more effective when listeners hear an ad from someone they’ve come to know and trust than hearing a random ad on the radio, so it makes sense this avenue works so well.

This is why in 2020, 800 million dollars was spent on ads for podcasts. This number is only growing as time goes on. Both large and small companies are hopping on this new way to boost brand recognition and see impressive results.

How does it work, though?

How Podcast Marketing Works

Some podcasters will only take on ads from very specific companies that fit their niche. Others will do ads for any business as long as the pay is good. Finally, some podcasts have no ads at all.

So how do you figure out who to reach out to? There are several different avenues you can take.

Work With an Agency to Distribute Ads

Agencies designed to match businesses looking to have ads and podcasters looking for sponsors exist. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly get your ads out there with a podcast that makes sense for your brand.

Work With an Agency to Create a Podcast

Another unique option is to create a podcast of your own where you can have as many ads of your own on it as you like. Plus, if you get successful enough, you could even take on ads for non-competing companies to earn some extra cash.

Either way, you’ll want to work with a podcasting agency to help you get started on the right foot. Podcast marketing should integrate seamlessly into the rest of your marketing plan.

Working with a professional marketing agency is the best way to ensure your content strategy and overall marketing are well-rounded and effective.

Podcast Content Marketing is the Future

Podcast content marketing is a relatively new way for brands to gain recognition and introduce their business to new people. But it’s also an incredibly effective one. 

As we mentioned earlier, the demand for podcasts and podcast ads is exploding. So whether you want to start a podcast of your own or have podcasters talk about your company on their show, using podcasts to your advantage is wise!

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