Ways You Can Mix up Your Exercises Using Walking Speed

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Everybody has a basic understanding of how crucial exercising is to our overall health. However, many people find creating the time needed for an effective daily workout routine challenging because of their busy schedules. One of the ways you can enjoy the benefits of exercise while saving time is walking. You can shed some body weight and improve your mood and mental health by walking.

Furthermore, reports indicate that you can even increase your life expectancy just by increasing your walking speed. 

In this post, we will take a quick look at the ways you can mix up your exercise routine using your walking speed.


For easy understanding, it is essential that you classify walking into three groups:

  • EASY WALKING ROUTINE: Otherwise referred to as the recovery walking routine, the easy walking routine is a walking speed that doesn’t raise your body metabolism beyond its initial state of rest. At this walking speed, you can have a conversation without pausing to catch your breath. This form of walking routine is often used as a training break. Typically, in this form of walking, your walk speed should be around 20 minutes per mile.
  • MODERATE WALKING ROUTINE: In this category, your body metabolism is increased slightly over the easy walking routine. While you should still be able to keep your conversation going, you will need to pause to catch your breath occasionally. This is because your breathing and your heart have has gone up. However, you should be able to sustain this pace for a minimum of one hour. At this point you should be covering a mile in 15 minutes. Click this link to look at more info about this.
  • FAST WALING ROUTINE: Also known as the high-intensity walking routine, the fast walking routine increases the pace more than the other routines in this category. You should be able to cover well over a mile in 15 minutes. You most likely will not be able to maintain the pace for an extended period of time, and talking while you walk should be impossible.


Here are a few ways that you can analysis your walking speed:

  • VISIT A LOCAL TRACK: This method does not demand that you have access to any sophisticated gadget. Typically, college and high school tracks are often a quarter mile long. Hence, a mile will equal four laps. This implies that if you can cover four laps in 15 minutes, your walking speed is 15 minutes/mile. This will mean that you are exercising at the moderate walking routine pace.
  • EXPLORE TECHNOLOGY: There are several apps and gadgets that measures metrics such as the number of calories burnt, elevation, pace, and speed, etc. These apps and gadgets should also provide a means of comparing your walking speed in every routine you perform and the duration of your walk. This will give you real-time info about the intensity, speed, and impact of your walking routine.


Exercising frequently is essential to maintaining your overall health. Also, it is a great way to enhance your mood and set yourself up for a productive day.