How to Get a Boyfriend Online: Top Tips and Tricks


Are you tired of being alone, especially in the midst of an ongoing pandemic? Do you want to learn how to get a boyfriend online?

The good news is that you can find the love of your life even if you stay at home. There are many ways to meet someone but you can’t simply sign up, put up one photo, and call it a day. Men might ignore your profile if you don’t plan things carefully.

Fortunately, we’ve listed several tips for online dating right here for you to check. Continue reading below to learn how you can get a boyfriend in no time:

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Try a Dating App

The first step in learning how to get a boyfriend during quarantine is to try a dating site or app. 

Yes, there is a certain stigma about meeting people online but it’s time to ignore that. Keep in mind that more than half of the world’s population uses the Internet. You might not be able to go out due to the pandemic but you can still engage socially online. 

If you’re on your phone more than a desktop, it might be a better idea to sign up for a dating site. Otherwise, stick with a dating app like Tinder so you can get push notifications on your phone. Some dating sites have an app version available, such as OkCupid and DateInAsia.

Don’t forget that some social media platforms come with built-in dating features. Facebook, for example, has a dating corner. You can make a profile and search for people who also use Facebook Dating. 

Paid vs Free Dating Sites

Should you settle for a free dating site/app or pay for a premium account? Even apps like Tinder, which are free to use, offer paid features for those who want them. You can gain the ability to review profiles you disliked or unlimited messaging privileges. 

It all boils down to the user base. If the dating site/app you use has thousands of users, you could benefit from paying for premium features. However, if there aren’t a lot of people using it then you should stick with what you get for free. 

Use Social Media

Don’t forget that you can also get a boyfriend online via social media. It could be as simple as reconnecting with a friend or by joining Facebook groups. 

You can even take something like a “how to get a boyfriend quiz” on Facebook. These quizzes often calculate the results based on your personality and preference type reflected by your answers. 

Maintain Consistent Communication

Remember that getting a boyfriend online is a lot like knowing how to get a boyfriend over text. You have to keep the communication going or they’ll lose interest or assume you did. Text a guy in the morning to make him smile and don’t forget to respond to his jokes and memes to let him know you care about the things he talks about. 

You’re still getting familiar with each other so don’t let the flow of communication die out. Keep things going so he won’t fill in the void by chatting with someone else. It’ll be your fault if he loses interest because you weren’t there to talk to.

Fill Up Your Bio

Yes, people will look at your photos first but that isn’t where you’ll build a relationship. Learning how to get a boyfriend through online apps and sites also requires knowing how to express yourself to others. Filling up your bio is your first opportunity to paint a picture of yourself to potential suitors. 

Get your dating profile right and the rest will fall in pieces.

Showcase who you are; tell a good story and don’t feel afraid to point out important matters. If you can’t date someone of a different religious background, for example, state that in your profile so people can learn about that detail right away.

Work On Your Photos

Your photos say a lot about you. A person can get a good assumption about your personality, hygiene, and hobbies from the way you dress. Someone viewing your dating profile or social media page can tell if you care about yourself simply from the way you posture and pose in pictures.

This doesn’t mean you always need to post professional photos. Not everyone is a model and it’s fine to post mundane images. However, this isn’t an excuse to get lazy.

Find an angle that works for you and helps bring out your best physical features. Dress up for one photo but don’t hesitate to take a shot in regular house clothes either. Let people see who and how you are in both formal and informal situations. 

Video Call When Able

As mentioned, it’s important to maintain steady communication. Getting to know each other requires a consistent flow of girlfriend and boyfriend conversations.

However, the problem with chatting is that the other person can’t see the emotions behind your words. You or the man you’re talking to could be lying and you wouldn’t know since you can’t tell such details with text. Make it a habit to video call so you can hear the intonation in their voice and the emotions on their face.

Don’t worry — you don’t have to pay for constant video calling. There are a bunch of free apps available, from Facebook Messenger to Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

Now You Know How to Get a Boyfriend Online

Learning how to get a boyfriend online isn’t impossible. It’s all about figuring out which dating site or app to use and how to build a relationship with the people you meet. Maintain communication, video call, fill up your bio, and present yourself with good photos. 

Of course, meeting and starting a relationship online is only the beginning.

Keeping that relationship going requires commitment. We invite you to continue reading more tips and tricks from our guides right here to learn how to keep your relationship steady. Don’t hesitate to dive into our guides and other posts today!


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