The Relationship Between School Bullying and Academic Performance


As kids across the nation settle back into their school routines, they must also contend with the pitfalls of the school system. The main scourge of schooling historically and today is bullying, which remains widespread across America. Despite a small drop in bullying as a result of schools closing last year, this harmful practice is well and truly back.

As a parent, it is totally natural to be worried about whether your child is being bullied or participating in bullying. It is also important to be informed about the impact of bullying so that you can take informed steps to mitigate this. Here is what you need to know about how school bullying affects academic performance.

1. Victims of Bullying Get Lower Grades

If you want to know specifically how bullying affects academic achievement, the evidence could not be clearer. Across all levels, from early childhood education to late high school, bullying has been consistently associated with lower grades. A child that is bullied will perform worse than their peers, almost without exception. This is why bullying must be identified and eradicated as soon as it arises.

2. School Bullies Also Suffer Academically

It is not only the victims of bullying that suffer academically. It is also clear that those who engage in school bullying tend to perform worse than their peers and experience diminished life prospects. School bullies are more likely than the rest of the population to receive a criminal conviction as an adult and are less likely to graduate high school. If your child is a bully, you need to act fast to stop their harmful behavior and address the root causes of it.

3. The Psychological Effects Can Be Lasting

Looking at grades in an education program is only one part of understanding why bullying is harmful to a child’s future. We all know that mental illness represents a serious blight on the futures of so many people. We also know that high school bullying is one of the top causes of mental illness among young people in America.

Bullying is traumatizing and leads to psychological damage that can last for life. This is a form of damage that can stop people from living up to their potential and following their dreams, as shattered confidence and lingering anxiety make recovery difficult. This is the true cost of bullying.

4. Parents Can Also Suffer from Bullying

It is also important to remember that parents of a bullied child can suffer from it, which can, in turn, harm the child’s prospects even further. As educational professionals have explained elsewhere (article source here), self-care and good mental health are incredibly important for parents. Happier, more stable parents project an important image to their children that can be instrumental in promoting good development. This is why it is important to keep in mind the ways in which bullying can impact you as a parent.

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